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About Me

Bars by Andrei Marcu,Hospitality Consultant

Pioneering New Bar Openings and Elevating Existing Venues

Bars by Andrei Marcu, specialises in pioneering new bar openings while refining and elevating existing venues. We work with our clients to create unique bar experiences that cater to their target audience. Our team of experts brings years of experience in the hospitality industry and a deep understanding of the latest trends and technologies in the bar industry. Contact us to learn more about our services.

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Career Path

I'm Andrei Marcu, originally from Bucharest, Romania, now based in East London. After finishing college in mathematics and computer science, I realized that my true passion lays elsewhere. So, I made the bold decision to drop out of university and pursue bartending. I enrolled in a bartending school where I learned my craft and discovered a deep connection to the hospitality industry.


My journey in hospitality accelerated quickly, and soon after school, I joined one of Bucharest's finest nightclubs and cocktail bars. There, I immersed myself in every aspect of the business, whether it was serving customers on the floor, mixing drinks behind the bar, or lending a hand in the kitchen.


At the age of 21, driven by a desire to grow and excel in my field, I decided to leave my hometown and seek opportunities abroad. With only £40 in my pocket and a bag of clothes, I set my sights on the UK, drawn by its vast possibilities.


My early days in Birmingham were tough, but I persevered, and eventually, I landed a position at Edgbaston Boutique Hotel, renowned as the city's premier bar. Through hard work and dedication, I rose through the ranks, starting as a senior bartender and eventually assuming the role of Head Bartender.

After nearly three years in Birmingham, I felt it was time for a new challenge, so I made the move to London and joined the team at Coupette. Within six months, my dedication and expertise were recognized, and I was appointed as the Bar Manager of the establishment.

For 5 years, I've been successfully running this venue and won multiple awards Internationally and in 2023 I have fully oppened a new venue under the same brand called Atelier Coupette.

Career Path

Cooking has always been a deep passion of mine, nearly on par with bartending, which I often refer to as my 'wife' while cooking is my 'mistress.' My culinary journey began back in my hometown, stepping in to help in the kitchen whenever an extra hand was needed. My interest in cooking took a significant leap forward while I was working at the Edgbaston in Birmingham.


It was there I met Leo, the head chef of Simpsons restaurant, a renowned establishment and the first in Birmingham to secure a Michelin Star, a distinction it has maintained for 20 years.


My friendship with Leo opened the door to what I fondly call the "Simpson Intense Training." I started with a single shift at Simpsons, which quickly evolved into a 3-month apprenticeship, culminating in a part-time position as a commis chef.


Despite already working full-time as a bartender, I embraced the challenge, working between 80-100 hours a week for over a year. That period was incredibly demanding, yet it was the most exhilarating and growth-filled time of my life.



The kitchen's high-pressure environment, from the shouting to the clanging of pans and the rush of service, taught me invaluable lessons in flavor, ingredient synergy, and classic cooking techniques. These experiences have profoundly influenced my bartending, allowing me to create a unique style that marries both passions. Cooking has been, is, and will always be a significant part of who I am.



  • Cafe De Nadie - Mexico

  • 1930 - Milan

  • Drink Kong - Rome

  • Edgar’s Flavors - Brussels

  • Service Bar- Washington DC

  • Lucy’s Flower Shop-Stockholm

  • Bar Divine - Paris

  • Danico- Paris

  • The Rumah - Rotterdam

  • Civil Liberties- Toronto

  • Especiarium - Barcelona

  • Door 74 - Amsterdam

  • Le Syndicate - Paris

  • Little Red Door - Paris

  • Flying Dutchmen - Amsterdam

  • Salmon Guru - Madrid

  • The Clumsies - Athens

  • Meaningful Drinking - London

  • Panda & Sons - Edinburgh

  • Baba Au Rum -Athens

  • Moebius - Milan

  • Himkok - Oslo

  • 28 Honk Kong Street- Singapore

  • Tjoget - Stockholm

  • Cambridge Public House - Paris

  • Locale Firenze - Florence

  • The Court - Rome

  • Bar Rem- Rome

  • Ox And Origin - Birmigham

  • Scarfes - London

  • Bar With Shapes For A Name-London

  • Maybe Sammy - Sydney

  • Bramble Bar - Edinburgh

  • Speak In Code - Manchester

  • Jared Brown - Sipsmith


  • Untitled - London- October ‘21

  • Cardiff - PennyRoyal- November ‘21

  • Amsterdam - Flying Dutchman- Nov ‘21

  • Milan- Moebius- March ‘22

  • Brussels - Arthur Orlans - May ‘22

  • Milan - Norah’s Bar - May ‘22

  • Manchester - SIC -May ‘22

  • Roma Bar Show - Disaronno- May ‘22

  • Pagani - Cinquanta- June ‘22

  • Birmingham - Fox and Chance- June ‘22

  • Paris- Bar Josephine - June ‘22

  • Paris- Soho House- July ‘22

  • Paris -Cafe Classique- July ‘22

  • Singapore- Elephant Room- November ‘22

  • Edinburgh - Bramble Bar - February ‘22

  • Arizona cocktail week - March ‘23

  • Barcelona - Pipa Club- May ‘23

  • Rotterdam- The Rumah -May ‘23

  • Paris - Le Mary Celest- June ‘23

  • Vancouver - Kefeer Bar- August ‘23

  • Toronto - Civil Liberties- September ‘23

  • DC - Service Bar- September ‘23

  • Dc - Allegory- September ‘23

  • Provocateur - Berlin - October ‘23

  • Cham bar - Seoul - November ‘23

  • Austin, Texas- Here not there - December ‘23


I've been super lucky to travel all over the world and work at some of the best bars. Plus, I've had some awesome bartenders travelling to London to work with me.

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